Wading Through the Horse Apples

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We’ve all been there. Looking for information that is vital to making informed decisions. We willingly take the advice of a friend, sometimes a random stranger that’s a friend of a friend because they have horses, or had horses at one time.  For some, the deep dark web becomes the life sucking resource you find yourself sitting in front of until the wee hours of the morning. Wouldn’t it be nice if the information were in a neat package from a reliable source? 

That time is now. 

Introducing HorseOmetry.com: Home of the HorseGeek Squad. 

HorseOmetry.com’s mission is to educate and inform about horses and horse care with proven theories and practices.  Educational tools will consist of digital downloads, blogs, vlogs and researched articles released each month for a specific theme. Members will also be able to participate in live question and answer sessions and an international community forum to open up healthy discussions.  

HorseOmetry.com is a membership website with monthly releases constructed around a theme.  Join or cancel at any time. Maintain active membership and never have your fees increased!*

Why HorseOmetry.com?

  • Learn about horses in a FUN environment.  
  • Build friendships and connections through the HorseGeek Community.
  • Live Q&A sessions with a HorseGeek Professional.
  • New content each month.
  • Connect with professionals in your area.
  • Connect with potential clientele in your area.
  • WIN PRIZES!!!! (Check out the contest schedule.)
  • HorseGeek Squad discount at HorseGeekBoutique.com
  • and more!!!!

When it comes to horses, you can never have too many tools in your toolbox. Let HorseOmetry.com provide a new set of tools each month.

We hope you join us in the adventure of HorseOmetry.com!

Sammy – HorseGeek Squad Leader and HorseOmetry.com Founder

Race over to HorseOmetry.com to learn more TODAY!

HorseOmetry.com is offering memberships at discounted pricing until July 1st! Make sure and sign up for a membership and be entered to win a FREE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP!*

*Membership monies will be reimbursed! Winner chosen by random draw on July 30, 2020.

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