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Hoscars statue

Do you have a FAVORITE MOVIE or TV HORSE? 

Nominate them for the INAUGURAL Hosscars! (#horseoscars)

The Hosscars are #horseoscars

2 Categories:

Lifetime Achievement Award – Horses performing prior to 2010

Best Performing Equine – 2010 to now!

Not sure if your Nominee performed after 2010? We will move them to the appropriate category!

Current Prize List:

Commemorative Belt Buckle

SaddleRight Pad

Bronc Halter

Year’s Supply of DAC Orange Superior

Click 'Hosscars 2021 Current Nominees' to see which horses have already been nominated!

Why the Hosscars?

The film industry has utilized the services of thousands of horses throughout the years. Many movies would not be the same without a steady steed supporting the main actor. Imagine Roy Rogers without Trigger, Zorro without Tornado, Geralt without Roach. Movies like the Black Stallion, Seabiscuit, and Warhorse star or co-star the horse! is ready to recognize these amazing animals for the skills they possess and bring to the big screen!

How it Works!

The Hosscars 2021 will consist of two categories:

Lifetime Achievement Award (Prior to 2010) and Best Performing Equine (2010 – Current).


Nomination Now - February 28th

A film industry equid (horse, mule, donkey, zebra, zorse) will be nominated on the OFFICIAL 2021 Hosscars Nomination Form (above). Anyone can nominate, but once a horse has been nominated (will be added to the nominations page) please do not nominate again. (You will NEVER  be asked to make a payment to nominate. Please report any solicitations for payment directly to

Public Voting March 1st - 31st

Once nominations close, the public will be able to vote daily on their favorite.

Final Selection

A volunteer board will vote for the finalists based on pre-determined criteria.

Winners Announced! April 18th, 2021

The winners will be announced and receive their award!

Hoscars 2021
Nomination Form

Select the category for your nomination
Example: Black Beauty – Merry Legs, The Black Stallion – Black
Example: Kevin Costner – Dances with Wolves
What makes this horse stand out from the rest?
Nominate a ‘new horse’ and receive a thank you gift!
Will only be used for Hosscars 2021 contact.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in joining forces with HorseGeek Central for the first ever Hosscars? Contact us directly for sponsorship opportunities.

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